Backlighting to highlight features of the main bar

Backlighting to highlight features of the main bar

Acreations provide energy efficient lighting solutions specialising in LED technology to meet commercial and business needs. We are part of a group of UK based associate businesses in Glasgow, Kendal and Manchester each specialising in a specific field of expertise offering design, manufacturing, supply and installation.

Our Services and Products

  • Lighting design and on-site surveys
  • Energy efficient lighting solutions
  • LED luminaries and control systems
  • Bespoke lighting products
  • Energy saving calculations and ROI
  • Technical advice and support
  • Project management
  • Installation and maintenance

Our Approach on each project is to exactly understand the requirements of the customer. A detailed lighting plan is produced covering all aspects of the project such as lighting schemes, energy saving solutions, design and manufacturing, product specification, return on investment, projects costs and installation. This ensures we meet the expectations of the customer and the project is delivered successfully on time and within budget.

We make it easier by giving expert advice. Whether it’s providing a lighting solution to reduce your energy efficiency and improve the quality of light or to design a RGB lighting system to highlight the architectural features of a building.

We understand the value of good lighting and its positive impact, so why not call us on 07854 140 223 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss what we can do for you.